Friday, August 26, 2011

Magical Blogorail Green: The Disney Attraction I Miss the Most

                                          Welcome to those of you joining me from Magical Days with the Mouse and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

The attraction I miss the most is still at the parks in a sense, but not as it was originally. That attraction is "Journey Into Imagination." You may remember that I blogged about this same attraction back in April during Magical Blogorail's Least Favorite Disney Attraction. Even though I consider the current attraction my least favorite of the parks, the original attraction is also the attraction I miss the most (I'm pretty sure I speak for a lot of Disney fans out there)!

In my opinion, the original attraction was simply perfect! I still don't understand the reasoning behind changing the ride. Dreamfinder and Figment really brought the concept of using your imagination to life in the original attraction.

After Disney's recent reopening of the "Original Enchanted Tiki Room," I have hope that one day they will bring back my beloved "Journey Into Imagination." I loved that ride and figment so much that after 23 years I still have the Figment plush toy that my parents bought for me on one of my trips (and he still looks brand new)!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is A Disney Mom’s Thoughts.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

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