Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bambi is coming to Blu Ray

Bambi & Thumper, my two favorite characters!
The classic Disney movie (and on of my personal favorites), Bambi, is coming to Blu-Ray on Tuesday, March 1st for a limited time. This is the first time that Bambi is being released in high definition. The Diamond Edition is a combo pack that includes a Blu-Ray, a DVD and a digital download version of the movie.

Disney Movie Rewards' members can save $10 on the purchase of the combo pack between March 1st and March 8th by logging in to their account and downloading a coupon under the "Special Offers" section. After you purchase the movie don't forget to log back in and enter the Magic Code to redeem your points.

If you aren't already a member of Disney Movie Rewards, I highly recommend joining. It's free and you earn points just by purchasing Disney movie. Points earned can be redeemed towards various rewards that include: movies, limited edition posters, toys, paraphernalia, trips, experiences and much more!

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