Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FASTPASSES to Meet Mickey Mouse

Disney announced yesterday that this spring when Mickey Mouse moves to his new home, Town Square Theater, a FASTPASS will be available to determine the exact time in which guests will meet the famous mouse.
Artist Rendering of Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom

Town Square Theater, will be located at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom in what is currently Exposition Hall. It is replacing  the once popular and recently closed Mickey's Toontown Fair where guests lined up to take pictures and meet with the characters. 

Although the FASTPASS to meet Mickey may turn out to be a wonderful thing, there are many mixed feelings circling around the idea at the moment. This is the first time that the Disney Parks are offering a FASTPASS for anything other than an attraction. Guests will get a one hour time frame to come back and surpass the standby line.

I personally am one of those that is not too thrilled about the Mickey FASTPASS idea. As a child much of the excitement was standing in line knowing waiting to meet the famous Mickey Mouse and have my picture taken with him. I'm not quite sure how exciting it would be to go with your child to pick up a time to meet him and then return. It may even cause a tantrum or two for those kids that will not understand why they just can't wait like the other kids to see him. 

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