Thursday, March 24, 2011

runDisney To Reveal New Race

Yesterday, those of us that have registered and participated in a Disney race before received an email from runDisney saying that they will be revealing a new race. Before they reveal the race however, they have decided to provide fans of their Facebook page with clues to see if they can guess what the race event will be before it is even revealed.

The first clue was released on Wednesday and simply stated: "Fantasia/Dumbo Dumbo:Tangled" I don't know about you, but it has me lost.

The next clue will be released today, so be sure to 'Like' runDisney on Facebook!

Personally, I'm hoping to see another race event like The Expedition Everest Challenge, a race that ties in your typical 5k to an obstacle course and scavenger hunt followed by a party.

Run Disney


  1. Ohh fun! Keep us posted on the clues!!

    PS. I hope its a cheaper race. I would LOVE to run a Disney race (specifically the Princess Half) but its so expensive!

  2. I'll post the next clue soon!

    And yes I agree that they are pricey. They should lower prices or at least include admission to one park.

  3. I got the same email, looked at the facebook page that I was already a "fan" of, and had NO CLUE what could be in store! Excited! :)