Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting the New Race Announcement

With three new clues, I still have no idea...although it's fun to try and guess what the race might be, the fact that the clues are so hard make it more frustrating than exciting!

runDisney is already by clue # 8, so I'm hoping we'll have an announcement by the end of the week...

Below are clues 6-8...has anyone come up with anything yet? I've captioned by random thoughts on each clue.

Clue # 6: This makes me think it may be a WDW race because of its similarity to Florida's flag.
Clue 6

Clue # 7: Tower of Terror perhaps? Maybe it will take place or end at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Clue 7

Clue # 8: This clue also supports my thoughts of it taking place at Disney's Hollywood Studios...maybe a red carpet/movies theme.
Clue 8


  1. still no clue from me! excitement though!! :)

  2. OK... what were your thoughts on the Tinkerbell race announcement?!?!