Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Disney Cake That Takes the Cake

A friend of mine recently celebrated her 2 year old son's birthday with a Disney themed party and after seeing the pictures of the cake, I can't help but share with all my fellow Disney fans!

The detail of this cake is spectacular and unlike any Disney cake I've ever seen before. I especially love how "fun" it looks. The edible confetti swirls and the way the buttercream was applied...I love it!

Of course my favorite part of the cake are the fondant mickey head cut outs.

Take a look for yourself...and then run to your nearest bakery and ask them to replicate it!

Since I love baking and of course Disney, I think I may try and make it myself! :)


  1. That's adorable! And wouldn't be that hard to make, actually.

  2. Oh, that cake is ADORABLE!!!

  3. It really is adorable! And no it doesn't seem to hard to make on your own.