Friday, April 22, 2011

Disney Does It's Part To Help Save Our Earth

In honor of Earth Day today, I thought I'd do a blog entry tied to environmental awareness. 
Since I can remember Disney has always been a company that has resonated with me as one that truly cared about making our world a better place to live. At the age of 11, I clearly remember watching a Disney Channel special documentary in celebration of Earth Day. It was unlike anything I had ever seen Disney do before. It was very honest and didn't hold back on bringing to light what mankind was doing to the planet: destroying it. It touched upon species of animals that were endangered and becoming extinct and even used the word global warming.

The most important thing it did was change me. It made me realize that we really did need to do something and it made me appreciate nature so much more than I did before. As an 11 year old after watching this special, I was ready to go out and save the planet all on my own. That one hour special inspired me.

Although the recent films from Disney Nature may not have as powerful of a message as I remember that documentary having (maybe it's because I was a kid), they bring awareness to just how precious every aspect of our earth is.
I honestly can't wait to see Disney Nature's latest installment tonight, African Cats. The fact that Disney will donate $0.20 from each movie ticket sold the first week to save the Savanna makes it even better!

According to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, they have sold more than $1.7 Million in advance ticket sales which will help save approximately 9,500 acres of the Savanna.

Make sure to do your part today to help save the planet!

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  1. great post! I had no idea they were donating money to the cause- more reason to see it in the theaters!!